We’re always on the lookout for exotic new flavours and emerging international cuisines. Take your tastebuds on a tour with our guide on what to eat, where.

Tacos with hot sauce and toppings

Britain is a great place for trying food from around the world with people becoming more adventurous in their tastes over the years and wanting to recreate their holiday memories. Good Food is always keen to sample new, international flavours and creative dishes that exploit the best produce of different countries and regions. Check out our list of the 10 most up-and-coming world cuisines.

South American

Alfajores in a stack
Many people are venturing further than the usual holiday destinations and exploring South America. Here, prepare for fresh hot sauces, spices and mouthwatering meat dishes. Looking for a delicate starter? Try Peruvian ceviche, which is cured raw fish in wafer-thin slices. If you want something hot and hearty in a pastry parcel, Argentinian empanadas filled with meat, cheese or veggies make a filling snack or main meal.

South Indian

Goan slow cooker pulled pork
Goan, Sri Lankan and Keralan food is having its moment in the spotlight with hoppers making their way into street-food stalls and fine dining restaurants alike. South India is emerging as a hotspot for travellers with culture and world heritage on their minds and the traditional dishes on offer are a real feast for the senses. For a sharing meal, try a plate of coconut-laced hoppers (thin pancakes with crisp, golden edges) that come with a whole host of fillings.


Mexican chicken fajitas being filled
Everyone loves a taco, or even a small taquito with a cool glass of something. Pile on the tomatillo salsa, curtido and fresh guacamole. With versatile, customisable dishes, Mexican food lends itself to big sharing dinners and casual help-yourself feasts. We could eat Mexican for every meal with huevos rancheros for breakfast and pulled pork tacos for supper.

Southeast Asian

Prawn laksa curry bowl
Laotian, Taiwanese and Vietnamese are just a few examples of cuisines that are establishing themselves in major cities around the world. We love the range of punchy spices, earthy umami flavours and fresh, zingy marinades and sauces. Our Southeast Asian-inspired sesame-crusted fish dish has the characteristic heat from ginger and chilli oil, savoury miso paste and fresh vegetables. We love a fragrant laksa soup and some light rice paper spring rolls for a starter, too.


Polish and other Slavic dishes are typically warming, hearty and well worth the effort to make. Bigos stew, decadent blueberry mazurka bars and Krakow-style cheesecake are all on our must-try list. Traditional and modern flavours combine in a plate of pierogi dumplings that can be filled with trendy sauerkraut and mushrooms, sweet white cheese curds, or American-style buffalo chicken.


Moroccan harira
Moroccan cuisine is known for comforting one-pots made in traditional tagines with big, bold flavours. It also makes the most of vegetables and classic slow-cooking techniques. Adding dried fruit and warming spices is also characteristic of North African cooking and adds a subtle sweetness to dishes.

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